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Dave’s Guitar School provides totally customized guitar and bass instruction based upon your unique and specific musical goals. While many instructors claim to do this, often they will assess a new student’s goals by only asking “What would you like to learn?” This is equivalent to shooting in the general direction of the target as opposed to taking the time and effort to focus in on the bull’s-eye. My system of teaching is much different because it starts off on day one with a thorough and detailed assessment of the student and is subsequently far more effective.

Before beginning your lessons with me, you will be emailed a student questionnaire. Once completed this will serve as a complete musical profile for you by giving me crucial information about your goals and background that will be critical to my success as a teacher and your success as a student.

I am 100% committed to the process of helping you to become the guitar or bass player that you aspire to be. With my experience in teaching more than 35,000 guitar lessons to a variety of different students with a variety of different goals you can be assured that I will be able to help you. Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced, I promise to provide you with a quality of musical instruction that exceeds your expectations.

The following Private Guitar & Bass Lesson programs are available:

● One half hour weekly

● One hour weekly

**For pricing and lesson policy information, please call 803-417-7722**

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