~ Student Testimonials

I took lessons from Dave as a high schooler to help me prepare for auditions for music school. Dave helped me reign in my technique, reading, and improvisation skills while also teaching me important music theory concepts that I still use to this day as a professional musician in Nashville, Tennessee. His lessons were the perfect primer for school and the gigging world and I would recommend Dave to the hobbyist looking to brush up on their playing, the aspiring musician, and anyone in between!

- Colin Poulton


I took bass lessons from Dave Taylor for over three years and thanks to his teaching methods I grew tremendously as a bass player. His approach to teaching is very well thought out and tailored to each individual, regardless of prior experience level. His passion for music and teaching comes through in every lesson. Dave's methods completely changed my thought process towards music and my practice habits forever. I would recommend Dave to ANY guitar or bass player, whether they're beginners or professionals. He's a great guy, a great guitar player, and a great teacher!

- Victor Hahn


I have been taking lessons from Dave Taylor's Guitar School for two years. Dave's logical and systematic approach to lessons allows the new player to develop the necessary skills to become a proficient guitarist, and, with his tremendous understanding of guitar technique and music theory, he can provide even the most advanced students additional knowledge to master the instrument. His lessons are based on the individuals own musical tastes which keeps the lessons fun. Your skills will improve through personalized lesson plans that address any problem areas that a new or even an experienced musician may encounter. Simply put, you will not find a better guitar teacher.

- Joe Spinnato


I have never met another guitarist, musician or teacher with the level of understanding that Dave Taylor has of music, his instrument and his craft. A solid grasp on music theory and how it relates to the fretboard is essential for any aspiring guitarist or bassist. Dave's ability to breakdown this often frustrating subject to his students is unparalleled. My time as one of Dave's students opened so many doors in my playing and greatly accelerated my development as a musician.

- Adam Ray


I've been playing guitar off and on for a long time, but took it up again more seriously about twelve years ago; seriously in the sense that I began playing a couple hours a day just for fun. I got stuck in a rut, and while I was teaching myself new stuff, it wasn't coming easily and my technique was poor. I decided to take lessons. I was motivated to get serious about learning the instrument, improving my technique, and learning music. Taking lessons requires a commitment, and I was ready to take that big step.

I found Dave in the yellow pages. I knew early that I had not made a mistake. One of the things I like about Dave is that we share similar musical interests. As he said: there is good music to be found in every genre as long as it is played well and with taste.

Dave is not just an excellent teacher, he is an excellent musician. He has a system of teaching that makes sense and is easy to comprehend. It has taken several years and many hours of practice, but I am now where I wanted to be when I started lessons. I plan to continue lessons with Dave because I know that there is much more he can teach me.

- Richard Branson


During my lessons with Dave I not only leaned songs and scales, but he made sure that I also learned the musical theory behind them and the correct technique to make playing things loads easier. His focus on theory and technique helped me grow not only as a guitar/bass player, but it also helped me to grow as a musician.

- Seth Christmus


I have taken guitar lessons from Dave for 5 years. He helps you to truly understand music and the theory behind it, while making it a fun and enjoyable experience at the same time. He motivates you to do your best and challenge yourself by designing lessons that relate to your interests.

- Chad Rollins


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